TimeTrex Human Resource Management (HRM) Module

Employee Qualifications
Track and manage employee qualifications, including:

  • Skills - Proficiency, first/last used dates, years of experience and expiration dates.
  • Education - Course, institute, major/minor, grade/score and graduation date.
  • Memberships - Start/renewal dates, ownership and fees.
  • Licenses - License identification numbers and issued/expiration dates.
  • Languages - Fluency and competency.

Performance Reviews
Streamline the process of generating performance reviews for employees and communicate your expectations effectively. In addition to performance reviews, track accident/injury reports, entrance/exit interviews and disciplinary measures. Key performance indicators can be defined to help standardize and report on any type of review.

Personal Information Management (PIM)
Centralize your employee information in a single database including:thrm

  • Personal Details
  • Profile Picture
  • Contact Details
  • Emergency Contact(s)
  • Dependents
  • Job Information
  • Salary Information
  • Employee Hierarchy (supervisors and subordinates)
  • Attach Files




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